Why You are Seeing 11:11 – It’s Not What you Think

If you have been seeing the number 11, or 1:11 or 11:11 , there is no need to worry. You are more protected and guided than you think you are. While some people argue that it is only synchronicity and coincidence, from personal experience I dare say this is a clear sign from the Universe nudging you on the path you have chosen.

Personally I started to see the numbers 11 and 11:11 out of nowhere and more frequently in 2015 when I began to go through my awakening. At first it began like a random check on the time and it is 11:11, till suddenly it was everywhere! In receipts, the room number at a hotel, the number on someone’s car plate in front of me while I am driving etc.
It certainly was too much to be a coincidence.
More so, it always happened when I was just really deeply thinking on something, or when I needed answers from my highest self.
I took special interest in understanding this number sequence and began to expose myself to new insight and information that I never knew I needed.

In numerology, 11 is one of the master numbers, the others being 22 and 33.
11 by itself signifies Intuition, Insight and enlightenment. An awakening so to speak.
When doubled 11:11 itself looks like a Gate. Many have claimed that it signifies a gateway, a new beginning, an entry into something new.
And in truth this was what I experienced.

I have also come to realize over time that when I see 11:11, there is a clear calling from my Spirit family and Spirit guides for me to become more awake and aware of my thoughts.
When you see 11:11 and it causes a stirring of emotions in your heart, a feeling like you are not alone, believe it- because you are not alone.It calls you to become a more conscious human. To wake up. To stop sleep walking through life. To trust, let go and most importantly get out of your own way so that the new path waiting for you can unfold itself.

You especially want to take notice of what you were thinking about or asking yourself just when you see 11:11 randomly.
Of course you do not want to go hunting for 11:11 and waiting expectantly at the clock to show it. This is not the same as seeing it without your doing or control.

Make a Wish

Many say when you see 11:11 it is the perfect time to make a wish. This is in alignment with the fact that you are completely conscious and aware at this time and it is an opportunity to invoke your innate powers of creation and manifesting your desires. You do not want to simply make a wish as though you were leaving the results to fate and chance, instead, you want to think of yourself as the creator of your reality, because in fact you are. And set an intention from this all knowing place, knowing that you can manifest whatever you set your attention and conscious focus upon.

Over time, it will appear as a reminder for all you have learned and as you advance, you will begin to see more sequences, 2:22, 3:33, 4:44, 9:11,  etc.

Are you seeing 11:11 too?
Share your experiences in the comments 👇