11:11 Time to Wake Up


11:11  Signifies Spiritual awakening, a rebirth, a start over, the beginning. As you begin to ‘WAKE UP’ you may be opportune to see the number 11, or 11:11 every time you look at the time. It is a sign! Your angels are on guard reminding you that you are loved and protected on this beautiful journey.

I designed this shirt as a reminder for myself, and as a way to connect with everyone out there who is waking up. Is that you?

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Don't Stop, Keep Going (LIMITED)


Become the walking advocate for vibrant positive energy and give everyone around you that much needed boost, as you walk around in this bold tshirt. This limited edition statement Tshirt is one of the most requested! ‘Don’t Stop, Keep Going’ – Everyone sure needs to hear that.

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Custom made and handwritten by Eva, this design is a must have in your collection.

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